Aubert & Duval is a long-established key player in the aerospace industry that supplies forgings for aerostructures as well as high performance materials.

High performance parts for aerostructures

Aubert & Duval produces titanium, high performance steel and aluminum forgings for airframes, including body bulkhead frames, slat tracks, door frames, engine pylon parts, nacelle parts, wing mount parts and landing gear components. Aubert & Duval uses concurrent engineering techniques with our customers to optimize forging designs. We provide global solutions that combine our expertise in open-die forging, closed-die forging and designing and melting high performance materials including titanium, high performance steels, superalloys and aluminum.

Aubert & Duval uses best-in-class industrial tools including a large, unique portfolio of closed-die and open-die forging presses from 1.2 Kt to 65 Kt to cover aerospace forging needs in aluminum, titanium, high performance steels and superalloys.

Aubert & Duval supplies commercial and military aviation markets with closed-die forgings including wing box parts

Aubert & Duval has developed a fully integrated titanium offering to deliver a global solution, from melting aviation-grade titanium with our EcoTitanium® unit and transforming titanium billets in our UKAD unit, through to closed-die forgings and titanium machining at MKAD and titanium scrap recycling.

Aubert & Duval offers a wide range of products:

Meeting current and future customers advanced alloy needs

Aubert & Duval constantly seeks new metallurgical solutions to meet current and future aerospace requirements.

In addition to existing standard aircraft grades, Aubert & Duval develops new grades like MLX®17 and MLX®19.

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