Ethics & Compliance

« Aubert & Duval is a renowned company for the high quality of its products, its technical skills and the people who carry them, serving particularly critical sectors. It’s through the commitment of each and every one of you that the safety of our products and activities is ensured on a daily basis. Acting with integrity, in full compliance with the regulatory and legal environment, is an essential part of our identity. Just like our partners, I am counting on you to rigorously respect Aubert & Duval’s Ethics and Compliance program. It creates value, commitment and performance. »


Bruno DURAND, CEO of Aubert & Duval

Aubert & Duval has deployed a compliance program based on three main pillars to support its employees: ethics governance and its dedicated organization, regularly updated guidelines and tools, including an alert system.


The Legal, Ethics & Compliance Department is committed on a daily basis to placing ethics and compliance at the heart of our activities, by ensuring that laws, regulations and standards are respected within the company. In order to provide employees with the best possible support, an operational approach, as close as possible to those working in the field, is favored to raise awareness and train employees on often complex subjects.


The Legal, Ethics & Compliance Department relies on a dedicated network, consisting of:

  • A Compliance Officer and several Ethics & Compliance ambassadors who, on each site, are responsible for raising awareness and supporting employees faced with ethical dilemmas.


Aubert & Duval and its subsidiaries make the ethics culture a central part of all employees’ activities through a training program and mandatory e-learning. A whistleblowing system also enables all stakeholders who are victims or witnesses of unethical behaviour to alert the company’s highest management bodies. All employees of Aubert & Duval, EcoTitanium, UKAD, Interforge and AD Irun must comply with all of the Compliance Program’s guidelines and mechanisms and carry out their daily activities with integrity. Any failure to comply with the legal and regulatory provisions, as well as the guidelines, may result in disciplinary action.

The whistleblowing system

This professional whistleblowing system is accessible to all employees as well as to external stakeholders, including our suppliers. It allows employees to report ethical problems such as discrimination, unfair treatment, harassment, fraud and corruption, as well as any violation of human rights as defined by law.


The service is outsourced to ensure transparency, confidentiality and protection of whistleblowers.


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The guidelines

Aubert & Duval’s guidelines comply with international standards, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations (UN) Convention against Corruption and the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Public Officials.

These guidelines include the company’s Ethics Charter.

This normative framework reflects the commitment of Aubert & Duval and its subsidiaries to preserve and strengthen business integrity in all its activities. The concrete examples and case studies included enable employees to identify unethical behavior and adopt good practices in their daily activities.

The Aubert & Duval Ethics Charter is available in English :Charte Ethique AD – GB – Mai 2023