Land turbines


Aubert & Duval is vertically integrated from melting & remelting (with some of the largest triple-melt nickel-base alloy ingots and billets on today’s market) through to forging and machining to near-net shape profiles. We offer one of the largest and most comprehensive capabilities in the design and manufacture of critical closed-die superalloy forgings for land-based turbines.

Forged and hipped parts for power generation applications

Aubert & Duval processes nickel-base alloys, high-performance steels, and aluminium and titanium alloys.

Aubert & Duval produces expanders discs for gas and steam turbinesTypical products for power generation applications:

  • Large, medium and small size rotating forgings for gas turbine applications, compressors and expanders – disks, spacers, shafts, impellers, rotor hubs, distance pieces, etc. – obtained through a wide range of open and closed-die forging presses (up to 65,000 tons)
  • Forgings for steam turbines
  • PM HIP static and rotating parts for gas turbines and compressors
  • Metal powders for additive manufacturing
  • Non-magnetic retaining rings for generators
  • Bars for blades, nuts and bolts, rods, etc.

A complete bars offer

Aubert & Duval produces bars in superalloys and high performance steels for gas and steam turbinesThe initial quality of the chosen material is key to the part’s final performance. We offer a wide range of products in several forms of bars (round, flat and square), billets, sheets and wire rods to ensure a close fit with customers’ requirements.

Because we offer more than just a bar of material, we bring technical support and innovation to our customers as well as different services in heat treatment and logistics.

Powders metallurgy

Powders for additive manufacturing

Aubert & Duval has developed a wide range of metal powders for additive manufacturing in Ni-Base and Co-Base superalloys and stainless steels.


Hipped parts

Aubert & Duval has developed expertise in the design and production of Hot Isostatic Pressing parts.


Aubert & Duval produces forgings for gas and steam turbinesCombining metallurgical expertise, outstanding industrial capabilities and high manufacturing skill, Aubert & Duval contributes to development programs for advanced generations of steam and gas turbines.

Whether working on homogenous structures for massive closed-die forged superalloy disks for gas turbines, or wrought advanced materials for an ultra-high temperature steam turbine, Aubert & Duval is a partner for OEMs striving for high technical, economic and environmental performance.

Aubert & Duval continuously develops new processes and new products to face technical and economic challenges.


One of the main technical challenges to improving efficiency and reducing construction costs for power generation plants is to extend the last stage blades. MLX®17 is a precipitation-hardened martensitic stainless steel capable of tensile strength up to 1,700 MPa, combined with high toughness, high fatigue and stress, corrosion and cracking resistance.

Together with another of Aubert & Duval’s grades, MARVAL® X12H, MLX® 17 is currently one of the very best steel grades for the design of very long end-blades for steam turbines.


AD730® is a highly innovative nickel-base superalloy. It withstands higher temperatures (750 °C / 1,382 °F), while preserving strength, creep and fatigue resistance at a competitive cost.
Targeted applications: turbine blades, buckets, fasteners, as well as rotating parts for gas turbines.

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