Customers services

Our commitment: your satisfaction

As a partner to our customers, Aubert & Duval and our teams rally round your projects and commit to their success at your side.


By listening to you and being constantly available at every stage in your projects, our sales and technical assistance teams advise you and add real metallurgical value. This dialogue with your specialists enables you to find the most relevant solution to your technical, economic and industrial requirements.


Our customer services monitor your orders on a personalised basis at every stage in manufacturing, processing and logistics. Thanks to our distribution centres, information system and continuous process of flexible development and production, we optimise lead and delivery times for your products.


From design through to production, Aubert & Duval’s Quality management system is integrated into every area of our business. Real-time analysis and controls are made throughout the production process, guaranteeing our products’ total quality. Aubert & Duval’s excellence is recognized by multiple certifications and accreditations from our main principals.

A worldwide network at your service

Aubert & Duval worldwide sales network

Supported by a worldwide sales network, we are the real-time partner for all your metallurgical needs.


Our sales network has also strong technical knowledge to advice customers with the best grade solution for each application.

Technical support

Aubert & Duval has developed specialist knowledge through its world-renowned support and technical assistance.

The primary goal is to give you the best possible advice in selecting suitable materials and effective manufacturing processes and heat treatments.


Our technical support teams are composed of engineers and technicians who are trained in state-of-the-art technology, and stimulated by current and future challenges in metallurgy.