Helicopters structures

Aubert & Duval is a long-established key player in the aerospace industry that supplies forgings for helicopters as well as high-performance materials.

High performance parts for helicopters structures

Aubert & Duval supplies commercial aviation markets with closed-die forgings for helicoptersHelicopters must withstand a very high torque effect in the main gear box, as well as great vibration. At the same time, to avoid fatigue, the same parts must offer very high hardness characteristics. Aubert & Duval nitriding or carburizing proprietary grades such as GKP®, GKH®, FND® and FDG® make this possible by combining a flexible core and a hard surface.

High performance steel bars

Aubert & Duval supplies helicopter markets with high-performance steel barsAvailable in small or larger diameters and cut-to-size, these bars are machined, then used in the main rotor, 42- and 90-degree transmission systems, main frame, and other demanding applications.

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