Technical support

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: driving customer success

Aubert & Duval has developed specialist knowledge through its world-renowned support and technical assistance. The primary goal is to give you the best possible advice in selecting suitable materials and effective manufacturing processes and heat treatments.


Our technical support teams are composed of engineers and technicians who are trained in state-of-the-art technology, and stimulated by current and future challenges in metallurgy.


Their expertise covers the final properties delivered by:

  • Materials
  • Part design
  • Heat treatments or thermo-mechanical treatments
  • Manufacturing programs
  • Machining
  • Or even final treatments for various materials.


Through a broad-ranging portfolio of specialist skills developed through strong, deep partnerships with customers, our technical support teams are able to help every customer, regardless of the application. They are also qualified to assist in innovative projects by solving problems and delivering the best metallurgical solutions.

As we are aware of each customer’s requirements, we offer continuous, immediate and straightforward service.


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