Aubert & Duval's purchases

The Aubert & Duval group is committed to working with the best suppliers. These partners, who are essential to the Group’s business, take on a wide variety of missions, but share a common objective: to achieve the Group’s ambitions in terms of performance and innovation.


Aubert & Duval’s Purchasing is organized transversally into several product families in order to meet the multiple challenges linked to the diversity of the Group’s activities. 8 families are in place :

  • Raw materials purchasing
  • Semi-finished products purchasing
  • Production subcontracting purchases
  • Energy purchases
  • Industrial Equipment Purchasing
  • Indirect Purchases and Transport
  • Purchases Industrial Services
  • Purchases of industrial supplies


Working conditions, ethics, environment: suppliers undertake to apply Aubert & Duval’s main commitments in accordance with the Group’s formal purchasing policy. All those involved are actively involved in implementing the Group’s ethics charter.

Purchasing at Aubert & Duval is built around three key objectives: performance, risk management and the creation of sustainable value for all parties. These three pillars are at the heart of the long-term relationship between the Group’s Purchasing teams and suppliers.


To contribute to the Group’s financial performance, Purchasing is constantly seeking new solutions to reduce costs. At the same time, special attention is paid to supporting supplier performance.


The Group’s Purchasing policy is designed not only to ensure full control of the Group’s CSR risks, but also to challenge those linked to the performance of suppliers. This effort includes the anticipation of financial and IT risks, but also the management of non-compliance risk: duty of care and obligation of vigilance of companies, Sapin II law, anti-corruption fight, RGPD, etc.


Through its Purchasing policy, the Group aims to create sustainable value for all its stakeholders. To this end, the teams strive to source innovations from suppliers and contribute to the Group’s digitalization.

Contributing to the creation of value and the sustainable economic performance of the Group is at the heart of the Purchasing function’s mission. This is why all our suppliers are encouraged to work with Aubert & Duval to improve their practices.


Below you will find the documentation applicable to Aubert & Duval purchases:




A professional alert system, accessible to all employees and external stakeholders, has been deployed. It enables the Group to be alerted to the occurrence of ethical problems such as discrimination, unfair treatment, harassment, fraud and corruption, as well as any infringement of Human Rights as defined by law. The service is outsourced to ensure transparency, confidentiality and protection of whistleblowers.


If you are a victim or witness of unethical behavior, such as discrimination, unfair treatment, harassment, fraud, corruption, or human rights violations, please alert us via the website :


Aubert & Duval has set up a single portal for its suppliers and prospects. Each Group partner is invited to register on this dedicated SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) tool, then to update their profile and complete the necessary documents and prerequisites.


Are you an Aubert & Duval prospect or supplier who has been invited to register on our SRM by a Group buyer? There are three steps to registration:

  1. Complete your User profile.
  2. Complete your Company profile.
  3. Validate the creation of your profiles.



All Aubert & Duval suppliers are invited to register on the Group supplier relationship and management tool. Registering on SRM, the exchange and referencing platform common to all our entities, gives you the opportunity to :

  • be listed and known by the Group, via a unique supplier profile;
  • easily share information and documents online, and manage your company profile independently;


Access the SRM portal