Drawing on decades of experience and complete understanding of processes in high performance steels, Aubert & Duval provides its customers with the best tool steels for critical applications and delivers products within very narrow composition ranges. This ensures that you are provided with inserts or dies that deliver repeatable performances, thus minimizing your set up time or adjustment costs.

The drive for quality and productivity in the glassware industry requires manufacturers to use dies combining a perfectly polished surface with high heat checking resistance, wear resistance and oxidization resistance.

Every tool requires high-performance properties in the plastic molding industry. Aubert & Duval offers a range of tool steels, customized for every specific application. We tailor our products to match customers’ requirements.

Constant developments in hot processing technologies require the use of steels and alloys that are highly resistant, in particular to thermal fatigue and high-temperature wear in the extrusion process. Aubert & Duval offers each client individual advice and proposes relevant solutions.