Developing innovative metallurgical solutions

Based on its own proprietary work as well as on cooperation with customers or other partners, Aubert & Duval continuously develops new processes and products that can meet technical and economic challenges, in order to deliver solutions to our customers’ needs.

Our key targets:

  • listening to our customers to anticipate their needs and develop partnerships with added value for both companies
  • developing new products
  • improving our process efficiency and costs
  • reducing production cycles for reliable, efficient solutions
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Innovative materials

Aubert & Duval has long experience and solid expertise in developing new grades that provide reliable solutions to customers’ needs.

In keeping with its commitment, Aubert & Duval has launched several new grades developed in its laboratories: ML®340 (for aircraft engine shafts in collaboration with Safran Aircraft Engines), MLX®17 and MLX®19 both high-strength stainless steels for various applications, and a new Ni-based Superalloy for high temperature named AD730®. Recently, Aubert & Duval launched its new ARMAD™ steel, dedicated to the defence industry.


To address the challenges of additive manufacturing, Aubert & Duval is focusing on the optimization of legacy alloys, including steels, Nickel and Titanium-based alloys to improve their 3D printing processability. In addition, the company designs new metal powders specifically tailored to the unique processing conditions and material-related challenges of Additive Manufacturing.

Process development

Near Net Shape Hipped Astroloy Casing For High Speed Turbine Bionic Partition manufactured by hot isostatic pressing technology


One of Aubert & Duval’s main missions is also to design and make parts that meet customers’ increasingly stringent requirements. The company can rely on high-performance industrial installations and cutting-edge R&D centres.

Thanks to our metallurgists’ world-renowned expertise, we continuously co-develop and optimize new products, work on new ideas and projects and find the best solutions for the future together.

Collaborative projects

To bring its research to a successful conclusion, Aubert & Duval relies on a network of partners including national and international universities, technical colleges, and research centres, as well as close development partnerships with key customers from a wide range of business segments.

We are currently involved in a dozen collaborative research projects in France and Europe, including AMANDE, MetaFensch, CleanSky, H2020 and SOFIA.

Technological institutes: IRT M2P, Metz, IRT St Exupéry Toulouse, AFRC

Competitivity clusters: Viaméca, Aerospace Valley, ASTech, Materalia

Philippe Héritier, VP Materials Engineering

“Aubert & Duval’s Research & Development covers two main areas i.e. product grades on the one hand and manufacturing processes on the other. In the sphere of grades, our two beacons are anticipation and differentiation. We work on grades in close cooperation with our customers in meet constantly changing requirements that are also becoming more and more sophisticated. We aim to add value through anticipation and differentiation.

We try to stand out by meeting new requirements and creating value. Depending on the case, this means improving an already existing grade by creating new properties or offering a new grade. In the first case, we are looking for better combinations between what we call “operating properties”. This is the case with MLX®19, a steel used in aircraft landing gear. We have obtained a better combination of high impact strength, which is essential, and stainless properties. One example of a new grade we have created is the AD®730, an alloy that tolerates an extra 50 degrees of heat.”