Open die forgings

Aubert & Duval meets the aerospace, energy, defense and other critical industries’ needs for forging materials, drawing on its proven experience in hot working processes.

Open-Die Forging

Aubert & Duval supplies titanium, aluminium, steel and superalloy forgings


  • Open-die forging presses from 1,200 to 4,500 tons
  • Horizontal heat treatment furnaces up to 21 meters
  • Vertical heat treatment furnaces up to 12 meters

Rotary forging machine

  • The automatic forging machine can manufacture long products with high quality and productivityFrom Ø 70 to Ø 450 mm
  • During forging with continuous forging machines, the 4 dies move synchronously to the centre of the press. This hot working process delivers high surface quality and high productivity.


Aubert & Duval forgings manufactured by open-die or rotary forging


Thanks to its long expertise in forging and its metallurgical know-how, Aubert & Duval offers a wide range of open-die and rotary

forgings for every critical application in markets such as tool steels, nuclear, defense, navy and oil & gas.



The final product format can be: blooms, round bars, square bars, plates, disks, mandrels, blocks, shafts, flanges, tubes or hollow forgings, etc.