Offering the most relevant metallurgical solutions

High performance metals in the form of bars, wire rods, flat products, plates, sheets, billets or bloomsAubert & Duval produces and supplies a wide variety of high performance metals to meet the most stringent requirements for many mission-critical applications. Our advanced materials include:

  • General engineering steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Tool steels
  • Superalloys


Our diverse material portfolio offers a wide range of grades: Search our complete catalogue of alloys.

Aubert & Duval provides metallurgical solutions exhibiting excellent mechanical properties such as hardenability, corrosion resistance, toughness, fatigue performance, high temperature resistance or abrasion resistance. The combination of these advanced mechanical characteristics fulfils the metallurgical requirements for various critical applications:

  • Aerospace: structural and engine components, fasteners, bearings, actuators etc.
  • Energy: land turbines, oil & gas, nuclear
  • Defense: navy, missile, firearms
  • Transportation: motorsport, injection systems, automotive components
  • Medical
  • and many other applications…


Aubert & Duval provides a full range of forged or rolled long and flat products:






Tolerances (mm)

(black bars)




Wire Rod 5.5 ≤= Ø ≤= 25 5.5 ≤ Ø ≤ 7.0 +0,15 / -0,10 Non-applicable Non-applicable
7.5 ≤ Ø ≤ 10.0 +0.20 / -0.12
10.5 ≤ Ø ≤ 17.0 +0.25 / -0.15
18.0 ≤ Ø ≤ 25.0 +0.40 / -0.00
Round Bars

(Black or peeled)

15 ≤= Ø ≤= 350 Ø ≤ 20 +/-0,25 3000 to 6000 Ø ≤= 140: 2 mm/m

0.12% x L of total length

20 < Ø ≤ 40 +/-1.25% x Ø
40 < Ø ≤ 125 +/-(0.1+1% x Ø)
125 < Ø ≤ 170 0 / +3 Ø > 140: 3 mm/m
Ø > 170 -3 / +3
Flats Thickness < 170 Please contact us
Square bars Sq. 70 Side < 20 +/-0,20 3000 to 4400
20 < C < 40 +/-1,25% C
40 < C < 70 +/-(0,1 + 1% C)
Square billets Side  


2000 to 6000

4 mm/m
50 < C < 105 +/-3% C
115 < C < 220
200 < C < 310 +/-2
Blooms Thickness: 120 to 220 -3 / +5 2000 to 6000 4 mm/m
Width: 140 to 250


Please contact us for other requirements

From aerospace to medical, one focus: quality control

Aubert & Duval strictly fulfils the most stringent standards of various markets (aerospace, energy, defense, medical, etc.) in terms of:

  • grade composition
  • material integrity
  • dimensional tolerances
  • quality control


Because the inherent quality of the selected material is key to the part’s the final performance and safety, Aubert & Duval carefully handles and controls every production step, from melting to delivery.

This is why major OEMs worldwide rely on us, as a series of approvals shows.

Designing best-in class new advanced materials

Aubert & Duval is a world leader at designing new grades or optimizing legacy alloys in close cooperation with customers. Thanks to the world-renowned expertise of its metallurgists, Aubert & Duval continuously co-develops and optimizes new product grades to provide reliable solutions to customers ‘requirements.

In keeping with its commitment, Aubert & Duval has designed a wide range of new high-performance metals over several decades:


  • AD730®: innovative nickel-based superalloy withstanding higher temperatures (750°C/1382°F) while preserving creep strength and fatigue resistance at a competitive cost. It is a good choice for rotating parts for gas turbines, turbine blades, buckets as well as fastening systems.


  • ADC88: remelted Chromium Molybdenum Vanadium tool steel specifically designed for demanding hot work tools; mainly molds for high pressure die casting, but also for some forging parts or extrusion dies.


  • ARMAD: engineering steel with a good balance between ultimate tensile strength and impact toughness, particularly suitable for gun barrels. It is especially suited to cold hammering and button rifling.


  • FND®:  a case-hardening and through-hardening steel with excellent mechanical properties such as fatigue performance and wear resistance, dedicated to mechanical assemblies with in-use temperature up to 250°C. This steel for carburizing is suitable for injection and transmission parts such as gears, shafts or actuators.


  • GKP®: this CrMoNiV grade, melted in VIM/VAR mode, is designed to improve nitriding kinetics and was initially developed with Eurocopter for gearboxes. Combined with the deep gas nitriding process, it is recognized as the best fatigue performer for aerospace and automotive parts.


  • ML340: Co-developed and patented with Safran Aircraft Engines (LEAP aero-engines), this duplex hardening grade is specifically designed for aeroengine and motorsport shafts, thanks to its good combination of hardenability and toughness, high fatigue performances and nitriding ability.


  • MLX®17 and MLX®19: new precipitation hardening stainless steels show a strength of 1700/1900 MPa (247/276 Ksi) and simultaneously keep an excellent resistance to stress-corrosion cracking. They meet technical requirements for various applications, e.g. aerospace components, car racing parts and fasteners.