For 70 years, Aubert & Duval has been serving the defense market, mainly by producing forgings and long product parts for small, medium and heavy gun barrels, missile casings, critical parts for submarines, and turbine disks for military aircraft engines and space rockets. Constantly seeking to meet customer’s demands, Aubert & Duval is committed to supporting the defence industry.

Aubert & Duval is a leader in the most demanding marine and submarine forging applications. Our reputation has gained partnerships and valued customers, including Naval Group.

Aubert & Duval also manufactures artillery components such as gun barrels, breech blocks and breech rings.

Aubert & Duval has a long history in supplying materials to missile systems such as anti-ship, air to air, cruise, ground to air, air to ground, tactical and antitank missiles, and meets the most stringent requirements for critical missile components.

As a leading supplier of firearm steels, Aubert & Duval serves the weapon manufacturing sector through both button riffling and hammer forging processes.