Sustainable development


Aubert & Duval demonstrates a responsible attitude towards its ecological and economic environment in the performance of its business. Reducing product weight, complying with new standards, combating corrosion and promoting renewable energies are just some of our innovative solutions. They all have the same aim: use less fuel and less material to phase out CO2 emissions and protect the planet. Our research laboratories are committed to sustainable development goals.

Our commitments on sustainable development

  • MLX®19: a new stainless steel to prevent hazard coating for landing gear
  • EcoTitanium®: a new project to recycle titanium scrap
  • AD730®: a new superalloy grade to reduce fuel consumption in aerospace engines
  • Net Shape: an industrial process to design parts with less material
  • Powder Metallurgy: producing metal powders to save weight and improve design.


The new precipitation-hardened steel grade MLX®19 is deigned to replace hazardous surface coatings, including the Cr VI element. Thanks to the new stainless steel alloy MLX19® developed by Aubert & Duval mainly for landing gear parts, there is no need to protect parts from corrosion by coating them with hazardous paints.


EcoTitanium® is an outstanding project in the green economy supported by the French government. As a partner in this new facility, Aubert & Duval aims to obtain huge volumes of titanium scrap to be transformed into titanium ingots. This gives Aubert & Duval a major role in the circular economy.


Aubert & Duval has developed AD730®, an advanced superalloy that can operate at higher temperatures than other superalloys. This makes AD730® an excellent candidate for parts in the hottest sections of aerospace engines. Thanks to AD730®, engines can be designed to consume less kerosene and emit less CO2.

Net shape parts

Aubert & Duval designs advanced alloys and complex-shaped parts for critical industries. Our deep experience in designing parts allows us to develop “near-net shape” parts, with little or no waste during the final steps of production or machining. This Eco-design process makes Aubert & Duval parts greener.

Metal powders for additive manufacturing

Aubert & Duval is a global leader in powder metallurgy. This disruptive metal manufacturing process allows engineers to produce lightweight parts with less mass, using less energy and generating less waste. This growing sector will change manufacturing and promote green industry.


All Aubert & Duval facilities are ISO 14001 certified.


All Aubert & Duval facilities are ISO 14001 certified or have a project in progress.

The Aubert & Duval Group’s Sustainable Development Policy

The Aubert & Duval Group acts under a value-creating, continuous improvement rationale. In that framework, it has set up a Sustainable Development policy to enable it to conduct its activities on a lasting basis in the areas where it is based and to support its development in new territories. The Group strictly complies with the regulations that apply to its activities and develops its performance standards in accordance with best practices in the industry.

The policy concerns its employees, its customers and its stakeholders, and includes the control of industrial, health, social and environmental risks with respect to its activities. Its implementation is based on specific Charters and Policies adopted by the Group, such as the Ethics Charter, Health & Safety policies and the Environmental Charter.

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