Sports & consumer goods

High performance metals to make difference

Metal powders for additive manufacturing used in sport equipment


Aubert & Duval produces and provides in-house high performance metals to meet the most challenging requirements of sport and consumer goods. Our long-standing experience, our research and development capability and our ongoing customer support all add up to a firm guarantee of quality. Aubert & Duval supplies a wide range of advanced materials in the form of forged or rolled products including:


Applications Best-in-class materials
Sporting Goods Racing cycles

Fencing (foil)

Golf clubs

Elite sports

PH stainless steel (MLX®17, MLX®19)

Martensitic Stainless steel

Metal powders (316L, Superalloys)

Ocean racing Canting keels







Knives Art knives X15TN®


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Innovation driven by performance

Advanced materials for sporting equipment & consumer goods, including ocean racingIn collaboration with our customers, we know how to design and develop high performance metals with excellent property combinations in order to address current and future challenges.

Thanks to its world-renowned know-how and experience in the most critical applications (Aerospace, Energy, Medical) Aubert & Duval can offer eery customer individual advice and propose relevant solutions.