Aubert & Duval offers a wide range of advanced materials for the most critical applications in the automotive industry, such as sensors, valves and gearbox or brake system components.

High performance metals for critical automotive components

Aubert & Duval offers a wide range of advanced materials for the most extreme demands in automotive applications, in particular for niche markets, such as:

  • sensors,
  • brake systems,
  • gearbox components,
  • exhaust valves.


Our product portfolio includes a wide range of high performance steels and alloys with combinations of properties that reliably withstand high temperatures, pressures, abrasive or corrosive environments, in order to meet and exceed automotive standards for safety-critical components.

Aubert & Duval follows the automotive sector’s most stringent requirements in terms of material integrity, dimensional tolerances, quality control and reliability of manufacturing processes.

Best-in-class materials
Common name Aubert & Duval equivalent grades
Sensors 15-5 PH

PH 13-8 Mo

Maraging 250




Valves X26RC X26RC
Finger lift M2/1.3343



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Piston pins 30CD12











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In addition, Aubert & Duval produces a wide range of hot work tool steels, suitable for plastic molds and die-casting dies.

Working in partnership

High performance metals for  critical automotive components such  as exhaust valvesAubert & Duval’s technical support teams have developed specialist knowledge in automotive materials to help customers select the best suitable solution for each critical application. The technical team is here to understand every customer’s specific needs and offer the best high performance metals and the associated heat treatments.

In addition, over almost a century, Aubert & Duval has been partnering with main global players to develop value-creating solutions that meet the automotive market’s ever-increasing demands for environmental factors, performance, reliability and cost. Our technical team is qualified to design and develop new high performance metals to deliver the most relevant metallurgical solution for current and future challenges.

The last new high performance steels developed by us include:

  • FND®:  a case hardening and through hardening steel with excellent mechanical properties such as fatigue performance and wear resistance, dedicated to mechanical assemblies in-use temperature up to 250°C
  • GKP®: nitriding steel with an excellent level of hardenability and particularly high mechanical properties, impact strength and fatigue limit, particularly suitable for the production of piston pins, gears.


In addition, Aubert & Duval is developing  metal powders for additive manufacturing, including  specialty steels, tool steels and superalloys, particularly suitable for automotive components.