Plastic molding

High quality dies

The plastic tool steel grades developed by Aubert & Duval have superior alloying balance, abrasion and corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties


The rise in the use of synthetic materials has led manufacturers to use high-performance molds for polishing and/or graining because of their resistance to abrasion, corrosion resistance and mechanical stress.

Aubert & Duval plastic tool steels offering

Because every tool in the plastic molding industry requires high-performance properties, Aubert & Duval offers a range of tool steels customized for every specific application. We tailor our products to match requirements including:

  • Suitability for polishing and/or graining
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to mechanical stress

Plastic tool steel grades

  • SMV3P and SMV4P: martensitic steel with excellent wear resistance and good thermal conductibility suitable for high standards of polishing and surface coatings.
  • X13T6W martensitic steel with excellent resistance to various corrosive agents and good wear resistance

High Speed Steels

High Speed Steels are high-performance special steels offering high hardness at temperatures up to 500°C and high wear resistance, thanks to alloying elements like tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium and chromium which are able to form carbides. To improve hot hardness, cobalt may also be added. High Speed Steels can be produced either by the conventional route or by powder metallurgy.

Conventional High Speed Steel

Erasteel – a sister company of Aubert & Duval – offers a wide range of high speed steels, with or without cobalt, to meet the requirements of metalworking and wear parts applications.

ASP® Steels for cold work applications

ASP High Speed Steel logoASP® steels are produced by powder metallurgy through a 3-step process: gas-atomization, Hot Isostatic Pressing and post processing operations such as forging, rolling or drawing. The ASP® range is suitable for a wide range of tooling and component applications. ASP® is a registered trademark of Erasteel, a sister company of Aubert & Duval. Erasteel can offer a wide range of alloys for cold work applications such as punching, blanking, fine blanking, cold forming and forging, thread rolling and rolls for cold forming.


Main applications

Car headlight plastic made using a plastic tool steel die


  • Injection
  • Compression
  • Blow molding
  • Extrusion

Metal Powders for additive manufacturing

Aubert & Duval provides metal powders for 3D-printing tool parts find out more.

For specific grades, dimensions or applications contact us


Through hardening steels


Tool steels for plastic molding


Tool steels for hot work