Offering reliable high performance steels and alloys

Advanced materials for biomedical applications such as prostheses and implants


Aubert & Duval produces a full range of advanced metals and alloys dedicated to biomedical applications, including

  • Cobalt-based alloys and austenitic stainless steels for prostheses and trauma implants
  • High performance stainless steels for surgical instruments (blades, scalpels, etc.) and medical devices (stamples, needles, etc.).



Applications Best-in class Materials
Prostheses and trauma implants M25W, M30NW, M64BC, XSH
Surgical and medical devices M25W, M30NW, M64BC, XSH
Surgical Instruments X15TN® ,APX®, MX455(Custom455®), MX466, XDBD(440C)


  • M64BC: this cobalt-based alloy with a high Cr and Mo content has excellent corrosion resistance, making it particularly suitable for the production of implants in contact with living tissue.
  • M30NW: this austenitic stainless steel with N content combines excellent corrosion resistance (better than M25NW or 316L) with good mechanical properties, meeting technical requirements for the production of implants.

Thanks to strict selection of the raw materials and the use of ESR remelting, Aubert & Duval guarantees the very high quality required for the production of surgical implants.

  • X15TN®: designed by Aubert & Duval, this hardenable martensitic stainless steel is a unique stainless steel for medical applications, combining excellent corrosion resistance, high hardness and very good abrasion resistance. It is the best choice for surgical cutting instruments.

Our Quality commitment: Exceeding medical standards

Advanced materials for biomedical applications such as surgical instruments


Thanks to long experience in critical applications, Aubert & Duval can supply innovative and reliable materials for biocompatible applications meeting the most stringent medical specifications.

Aubert & Duval strictly adheres to medical standards in terms of grade composition, material integrity, dimensional tolerances and quality control.