Closed die forgings

Aubert & Duval designs, processes, produces and sells sophisticated metallurgical solutions for the most demanding industries’ projects. Aubert & Duval is active in melting and hot conversion by forging, close-die forging and rolling of special steels (including stainless steel), superalloys, titanium and aluminum alloys. Aubert & Duval also produces alloy powders and hipped parts. The main products are bars, forgings, closed-die forgings and powders. As a specialist in upscale metallurgy Aubert & Duval operates several closed die facilities, such as its 22,000 T, 40,000 T and 65,000 T hydraulic presses.


Aubert & Duval can manufacture forgings by hammer or drop forging


  • From 3,500 to 60,000 kg/m
  • Forging hot metal between a stationary die and a dropping die. The high velocity of this hot working process gives small and medium forgings an optimised microstructure.

Closed Die Forging

Aubert & Duval’s new 40 Kt closed die-forging press


  • Die forging presses up to 65,000 tons
  • Closed-die forging is the process of forming complex-shaped parts from a metal semi-product between two engraved tools (dies) by pressing with a closed-die forging press.
  • Aubert & Duval is a world forgings supplier in aluminum, superalloy, steel and titanium materials made with close-die forging process for critical applications like: aerospace, energy and defense.

The largest closed-die forging press in the Western World

 Aubert & Duval ‘s largest closed die-forging press (65Kt)


  • A powerful press
  • 65,000 tons power capacity
  • Weighing twice the Eiffel Tower
  • Extreme precision
  • Speed control and centring

Closed-die forging for disks

The new 40 KT forging press is dedicated to forging disks for aeroengines


  • The 40 KT closed-die forging press is the centrepiece of our fully-automated EDPL (Engine Disk Production Line).
  • Lean workshop integrating all steps from the preparation of our own billets to final ultrasonic tests.

Rotating parts

The rotating parts manufactured at Aubert & Duval  by closed die-forging are highly critical parts like forged disks:

  • Parts: from 20 kg / 44 lbs to 20 t
  • Max diameter for disks: 1,200 mm / 47 in
  • Max length for shafts: 4 m / 157 in

Structural parts

The structural parts manufactured at Aubert & Duval by closed die-forging are mainly critical parts needed to bring strength to critical areas; including aerostructure parts such as fuselage or landing gear.


  • From 50 kg / 110 lbs to 20 t
  • Up to 8 m / 314 in


Landing Gear:

  • From 50 kg / 110 lbs to 20 t
  • Up to 8 m / 314 in