Hot isostatic pressing parts

The next generation of aircraft engines aims for continuous improvement of performance and efficiency, while reducing emissions.

However, the higher temperatures involved severely stress turbines’ constitutive materials.

Current casing materials are designed to work at 650°C. Superalloys like Inconel 718 or Waspaloy® are typically used. Different aircraft engine producers have different strategies to develop more efficient turbines with materials and manufacturing routes designed to provide casings which can operate at 700 to 800°C. HIP technology is one of these solutions.


Five reasons to choose HIP Technology:


  • Freedom of concepts: Bimetal or composite parts / solid-powder or powder-powder
  • Freedom of sizes: For part weights from 500g up to 30 tons. Run: from 1 to 20,000 parts
  • Freedom of alloys: Nickel-base alloys, Cobalt-base alloys, Stainless steels, Tool steels, High-speed steels, low-alloyed steels, Titanium Alloys, Metal Matrix Composites (MMC)
  • Lean production: Gas atomisation ► Design & manufacture ► Filling & welding ► Hot Isostatic Pressing ►Machining ► Final heat treatment & machining
  • Alternative to forging & machining


  • Improved properties due to finer microstructure
  • Easier ultrasonic inspection
  • No material loss during process
  • Shorter cycle time
  • Reduced number of welds
  • Cost-effective for small series
  • Improved function and lifetime

A unique expertise

The initial alloying and melting greatly influence quality. Thanks to its unique expertise in alloy choice and manufacturing, Aubert & Duval fully masters the powder production process, a key point for part quality.

During the hipping process, the container must withstand pressure up to 1,000 bars (14,500 psi). As shrinkage varies according to container shape, initial dimensions must be carefully calculated. Container design know-is key to taking full advantage of PM HIP technology in order to:

  • cover a wide range of shapes
  • minimize the loss of noble materials
  • eliminate tedious and costly welding-assembly

Hot Isostatic Pressing manufacturing process

Aubert & Duval has developed know-how in the design and preparation of HIP containers and processes.