Oil & Gas

With the rapid exhaustion of existing fields, the Oil & Gas industry faces new industrial challenges to meet the requirements of more demanding environments, e.g. ultra-deep offshore, arctic well-below-zero conditions, or more aggressive gas. This results in the need for products withstanding higher pressure, very high (or very low) temperatures, and fierce corrosion, which Aubert & Duval is able to provide.

A long history

Oil and Gas Riser Forgings for offshore applications


Due to its dedicated forging and heat-treatment equipment for extra-long steel parts, Aubert & Duval has been a leading supplier in the market of specialty joints for TLP, Spar and FPSO. Some of our products have been operational under extremely severe conditions for 20 years. We have contributed to projects such as Girasol, Brutus, Bonga, Matterhorn, Constitution and many more.

Focusing on quality

Oil and Gas Riser Forgings for offshore applications


Aubert & Duval follows the most stringent requirements in terms of grade composition, microstructural material integrity, dimensional tolerances and quality control. All of our products comply with ASTM and NACE standards.

Aubert & Duval’s offering

Oil and Gas block Forgings for offshore applicationsTo meet specific requests for critical parts in the Oil & Gas industries, Aubert & Duval has built an extensive product offering. It provides the optimum combination of expected functionalities including corrosion and low temperature resistance, shock and fatigue resistance, durability and performance.

Aubert & Duval facilities have a range of high-tech equipment dedicated to the manufacture of finished forged parts, up to 20 m (66 ft) long:

  • Steel Melting: 60 t Electric Arc Furnace able to provide parts up to 30 t for massive forgings and 12 t for tubes
  • Forging: 4,500 t open die forging press
  • Heat Treatment: 14 horizontal or vertical furnaces up to 21m, quenching, cold or warm straightening
  • Machining: turning, milling, drilling, sawing, etc.


These machines are typically optimized for long specialty riser joints.

Grades & Applications

Grade Type Applications
F51 S 31803 HP Pumps
F53 S 32750 HP Pumps
NYB66® S 31266 New grade for highly demanding

applications and sea water corrosion

F44 S 31254 Highly demanding applications
Drilloy 262 Nonmagnetic Drilling Stabilizers
F6NM S 41500/42400 Swivels and Specialty Joints, HP Pump, solid blocks
800/810/811 N 08811 Heat exchangers and coolers
F22, F22V Specialty joints for TTRS
A707 Shell Modified Gr1, 3, and 3W

SAE 8630, HY80/HY100 (A508 Gr 4N)

Riser stress joints, hang-off spools,

length-adjustment spools

ASTM A508 Gr3 Pressure vessels
625 N 06625 Seabed equipment, valves, fittings
718 N 07718 Seabed equipment, valves, fittings
OPTIMAND13™ 1.2344 mod Mandrels for production of seamless pipes

Semi-finished Products (Blooms)

Aubert & Duval can supply the Oil & Gas industry with semi-finished products (blooms), especially in nickel based superalloy 718, 925, 625 and 825 alloys. These blooms are suitable for further hot working processes like closed-die forging, rolling, ring rolling, open die forging, machine forging and machining.

Metal Powders for additive manufacturing

Aubert & Duval supplies metal powders for 3D-printing parts for oil & gas applications find out more


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