For almost 60 years, Aubert & Duval has been partnering with the French companies Areva and CEA to develop forgings and rolled products that ideally suited to the nuclear power market. Sales of alloys and superalloys have progressively expanded across a range of nuclear vessel designers and manufacturers or their subcontractors worldwide, including Areva, Jeumont (JSPM), Valinox Nucleaire, FBFC, Fives Nordon, Velan, Segault, Senpec, MHI, Ensa, Doosan, Harbin Electric Co and Westinghouse.

Aubert & Duval also works with CEA, DCNS and Rolls-Royce on components for submarines, aircraft carriers and other nuclear vessels. Aubert & Duval also supplies forged and rolled products for experimental reactors such as RJH and the ITER project.

Metallurgical expertise in critical applications

To meet the nuclear industry’s wide-ranging needs, Aubert & Duval has built an extensive product offering that includes forgings, rolled products, sheets and plates. Aubert-Duval manufactures products for the nuclear industry according to both French (RCCM, RCCM-MR, RCCM-MX) and US (ASME) nuclear regulations.

Aubert & Duval products cover all types of civil nuclear reactors GenII, Gen III, Gen III+ and GenIV.

We produce a very broad range of grades from low alloyed steels to Ni based superalloys, as well as powder metallurgy products. Aubert & Duval’s activities include parts for nuclear vessels, steam generators, primary pumps, and pressurizers for both civil reactors and military nuclear reactors, including components for the French navy. Aubert & Duval is also a major producer of materials for nuclear fuel fabrication and retreatment.


Nuclear forgings machined parts

  • Forged parts
  • Regular bars
  • Anti-vibration bars for AREVA PWR 900-1,300 MW and EPR and Westinghouse AP1000 for Gen III reactors
  • Sheets and plates
  • Products can be delivered rough or fully-machined, or even ready-to- install, like anti-vibration bars


Aubert & Duval meets the most stringent requirements in terms of grade composition, material integrity, dimension tolerances and quality control. Quality management complies with the main standards on nuclear markets, RCC-M, ASME and HAF 603.

Materials and applications

  • Raw 690 alloy billet material for steam generator tube bundles
  • 347 stainless steel forged pump shaft for primary cooling pump
  • 304L, A286 , 718 alloy material for nuclear fuel assembly
  • 690 alloy Flow limiter Venturi forgings (steam generator)
  • 316L Forged tubes for pressurizer surge line
  • 304L forgings for CRDM (control rod drive mechanism)
  • SA 508 Gr3 and SA 508 Gr4N forgings for reactor nozzles and primary pump fly wheels
  • Finished AVB (anti-vibration bar) sets (SA 405 + alloy 690)
  • 690 alloy divider plates for steam generators
  • 718 alloy springs for nuclear fuel assemblies

Metal Powders for additive manufacturing

Aubert & Duval provides metal powders for 3D-printing parts for nuclear applications find out more


For specific grades, dimensions or applications contact us.

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