A responsible employer

We believed that the men and women who comprise our company are our biggest asset. So we work to protect that human capital and help to set up a working environment that respects our people and values.

To map out the future for Aubert & Duval, our employees are actively contributing to our 4 success factors:

  • Safety
  • Customer service
  • Performance
  • Quality


To meet these demanding goals, we enable our employees to grow their engagement, know-how and skills.

Our talent development policy is implemented by investing in HR:

  • Acquiring and passing on knowledge
  • Developing expertise
  • Training
  • Career development
  • Mobility


If you want to join us and take part in our company’s ambitious projects, see our recruitment pages.

Protecting our employees

Guaranteeing the health and safety of all our employees is vital in everything we do. We strive to harmonise our requirements in terms of safety rules on all of our sites by rolling out the highest standards, regardless of the host country. Furthermore, we regularly assess our improvement avenues and focus points through safety audits, and base our action plans on the findings. We also work to prevent work accidents by raising awareness and training our employees in best practices.

Acting locally

As well as caring for the wellbeing of its people, Aubert & Duval aims to contribute to the development of its host countries. This social commitment has several forms.

Job creation and local recruitment are the basis of our active participation in our host territories’ economic and social development. Our commitment is also reflected in partnerships or local actions that support sports, cultural, charity or environmental initiatives by local communities. We are particularly committed to training local populations, especially young people, by hosting interns or organising tours and open days on our sites.