Titanium for aerospace: Aubert & Duval welcomes Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, Minister Delegate for Transport, attached to the Minister for the Ecological Transition, at its EcoTitanium and UKAD sites

On Monday 14th March, Jérôme Fabre, Chairman of Aubert & Duval, welcomed Mr. Djebbari and several officials from Puy de Dôme Departement to the EcoTitanium and UKAD sites in Saint-Georges-de-Mons.

This visit was an opportunity for the Minister and his delegation to get an update on A&D’ s titanium chain formed by EcoTitanium and UKAD plants, being the only European industrial chain dedicated to the production of titanium alloys for the aeronautics industry.

This chain was born from a strategic partnership between Aubert & Duval and UKTMP, with the support from the French government (ADEME) and Crédit Agricole, under the aegis of the Airbus group, 1rst client of Aubert & Duval. In the current context of war in Ukraine, which puts titanium supplies at risk, it allows Aubert & Duval and its other clients to secure their supplies.

In 2021, EcoTitanium and UKAD received support from France Relance for the development of new titanium alloys grades. The ramp-up of this titanium chain is part of Aubert & Duval’s strategy to be the European benchmark supplier of special steels, superalloys and titanium alloys for sovereignty industries (aerospace, defense, energy).

Jérôme Fabre, Director of the High Performance Alloys Division and Chairman of Aubert & Duval, said: “We would like to thank the Minister and all the local officials for their interest in the titanium chain. We are delighted with the support received from public authorities, particularly as part of France Relance industrial recovery Plan. This support is essential for the continued development of this industrial chain, which is critical to French and European industrial sovereignty.”

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