ARMAD® and Metallurgical Innovations


Aubert & Duval will present its new grade ARMAD® at the second  day Metallurgical Innovations for the Defense Industry, which will take place on March 28th, 2019 at the Institute of Higher Studies of National Defense (IHEDN) within l’Ecole Militaire de la Defense, Paris.

ARMAD® is the new steel grade developed in the defense market for small caliber gun barrels. This high-performance grade offers excellent toughness, thanks to optimized chemical composition and control of the key parameters for melting and processing.

For gun barrels application, Aubert & Duval offers now, two martensitic grades achieving the best high strength / toughness compromise on the market: GKH® and ARMAD®.

Jean-Marc Lardon will present this grade in detail during this event.

To discover the program of this day or to register: registration and program (French Only).

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