Integrated Solution for Titanium


68,000 tonnes – this is the quantity of titanium in the form of sponge and processed products, including scraps and chips, which, according to the European Commission’s trade statistics, were imported by the 28 member states in 2017.

With two thirds of the titanium used in the aerospace industry and the rest going to other developing sectors, like desalination, chemical treatment, construction, medical devices, Aubert & Duval and its industrial partners decided to bring more value into the European industry and to create the first European 100% integrated titanium solution.

It is managed by the three industrial partners operating through six manufacturing facilities, where the dedicated teams and experts design, melt, forge, machine, test and control the production so to deliver titanium billets, long products and finished machined parts in conformance with stringent quality standards and customer specifications.

All of the titanium chips and scrap recovered from the UKAD, Aubert & Duval and MKAD mills are cleaned, sorted and recycled for brand new ingots in the EcoTitanium melting furnace. This circular economy offers our customers a totally independent source of titanium of aerospace quality in Europe.

  • EcoTitanium® to melt from titanium scrap and chips titanium ingots for aerospace and other demanding applications.
    These ingots are then forged in the UKAD unit
  • UKAD, a joint venture between Aubert & Duval and UKTMP to forge titanium billets
  • Aubert & Duval manufacturing sites to further forge ad transform the billets into open-die or closed-die forged components
  • MKAD, a joint venture between UKAD, ADEME and Crédit Agricole Center France, integrates all downstream operations, including titanium precision machining and surface treatment of titanium parts, to deliver a finished product. All titanium scrap is recycled by EcoTitanium
  • The entire integrated channel optimizes the circular economy by recovery and recycling of titanium chips

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