High quality dies

Extrusion tool steel forgings


Drawing on its decades of experience in the field of high performance steels, Aubert & Duval offers the best tool steels for extrusion applications, ensuring maximum tool life.

We tailor our products to match requirements such as:

  • High heat checking resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • High working hardness
  • Resistance to mechanical stresses

Aubert & Duval’s extrusion tool steels offering

Constant developments in hot processing technologies require the use of steels and alloys that are highly resistant, in particular to thermal fatigue and high-temperature wear in the extrusion process. Thanks to its world-renowned know-how and experience, Aubert & Duval is able to offer each client individual advice and propose relevant solutions.

Extrusion tool steel grades

  • SMV®3: premium H11 for optimum performance for all hot work applications, guaranteed microstructure is guaranteed, also available in Superior Quality (SMV®3W).
  • ADC3: gives a good compromise between heat checking resistance, toughness and wear resistance, specially recommended for large die casting dies.


Forging tool steel bars for extrusion applications.


In comparison to traditional 5%Cr steel grades, Aubert & Duval extrusion steel grades exhibit the best balance between toughness, thermal conductivity, tempering resistance and thermal shocks resistance. In addition, they are easier to heat-treat, while resistance to hot oxidation remains identical. Aubert & Duval extrusion steel grades also offer very high wear resistance.

Metal Powders for additive manufacturing

Aubert & Duval provides metal powder for 3D printing of tooling parts find out more

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