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When faced with multiple challenges, choosing the right material can often prove complicated. To see your projects through to a successful conclusion, you need to find the optimum balance between the technical performance of your products and minimising production and operating costs. To make the right decision, you need to be able to rely on sound and versatile technical skills.

Metallurgical and materials Technical support

Aubert & Duval has developed specialist knowledge for you through its world-renowned support and technical assistance. Aim: To give you the best possible advice both in terms of the selection of suitable materials and our manufacturing processes and heat treatments.

Our technical support teams are composed of engineers and technicians who are trained in state-of-the-art technology and continue to be stimulated by the challenges put to them by our customers. Their expertise covers final properties for service of materials, heat treatments or thermochemical treatments, manufacturing programs, machining, or even final treatments for various materials.

Through a broad ranging portfolio of specialist skills developed through partnerships and exchanges with our customers, our technical support teams are able to assist you, regardless of the application, and are equally qualified to help you with innovative projects as with problem solving.

Because your projects cannot wait, our teams are able to respond quickly, regardless of where you are in the world: Europe, America or Asia.