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powder metallurgy

This Aubert & Duval technology is used to melt steels with properties that are unachievable through traditional metallurgical methods. This involves atomising the metal into powders consolidated by Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP).

For more information: http://www.erasteel.com/content/specialty-atomization-technologies

powder metal

Our technical teams are at your disposal for any assistance and advice you may require for applications where traditional solutions can go no further to deliver in terms of high temperature, wear and corrosion resistance and other constraints.  Our research centre and development teams have the capacity to design and tailor new products to your requirements.

Aubert & Duval melt and atomise alloys under a neutral gas in the form of mainly spherical metal powders. Parts of varied shapes are designed and manufactured as close to final dimensions as possible and can combine several materials.

Aubert & Duval has also acquired vast experience in the manufacture of powder metallurgy semi-finished products. They are used in the manufacture of highly stressed rotating parts for the aerospace and energy industries.

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