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Aubert & Duval demonstrates a responsible attitude towards its ecological and economic environment in the performance of its business.

Reducing product weight, complying with new standards, combating corrosion for renewable energies are examples of our innovative solutions which all have the same aim - less fuel and less material with a view to eventually limiting CO2 emissions and protecting the planet. Our research laboratories are committed to sustainable development aims.

A few examples of our contribution to product durability:

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In the case of structural parts, there is one key requirement - they have to be lighter! Our metallurgists' response is to propose an alternative to composite materials with increased reliability and at a reasonable cost. Our A&D teams develop closed-die forging processes for aluminium-lithium 2050 in partnership with Alcan which make it possible to reduce the weight of an aircraft by 5% and thus provide aircraft constructors with lighter weight solutions.


Our tooling clients require reliable tools that last as long as possible. It is therefore essential to use a metal whose working life can be extended. This is the case with two new grades that A&D is currently releasing on the market: The SDC grade for dies for aluminium products die casting (vessels) or the CR NQ2 grade which will make it possible to extend the working life of mandrels.


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MLX17 and MLX19 which were developed by Aubert & Duval's laboratories are high strength stainless steels that are used in several applications including landing gear. The strength of MLX17 is such that a 1mm diameter wire would be strong enough to lift a car. These developments offer a genuine alternative to the non-stainless steels that have been used up to now and are likely to become obsolete due to cadmium surface treatments which are harmful to the environment.