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Our total commitment to your satisfaction

Aubert Duval

Stronger, longer lasting, better value for money, lighter, faster, safer... In your industry, you are constantly pushing back the frontiers. To guarantee the best overall performance of your products, you need to be able to rely on a trusted partner who can meet your requirements in terms of materials anywhere in the world.

At Aubert & Duval, we provide you with highly reliable metallurgical solutions that have been developed, designed and processed in optimal conditions to ensure reliability and reproducibility.

Since its foundation in 1907, Aubert & Duval has contributed to projects in the most demanding industries including: Aerospace, Energy, Tooling, Land and sea transportation, Specialties (defense, medical, watchmaking, Mechanical engineering, Chemical industry…).

Our production capacity combined with our teams' expertise, worldwide sales network and commitment to innovation, quality and service enable us to work alongside you.

Whatever the metallurgical issue in question, we offer you a partnership based on trust as well as total commitment to your satisfaction.

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