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Steelwork fabricators

Aubert & Duval has always been involved in developing large scale industrial ventures with its clients. Yesterday, the great cruise ships, Concorde... Today, Ariane 5, the TGV [High Speed Train], Formula 1, the A380, the Rafale, the America's Cup... Tomorrow, Galileo, Boeing 787, EPR, Iter… Having remained true to the A&D approach throughout the years, our teams are always ready to meet new technological challenges and help improve client performance.

Steel company

1907  Since its foundation by Adrien and Henri Duval and Pierre Aubert on 2 December in Avenue de la République in Paris, Aubert & Duval has consistently been at the forefront of the most innovative metallurgical solutions.


Metal company

1926  Initially specialising in forging and heat treatment in the early 20th century, from 1926 onwards the melting of special steels was included in the company's operations when it took over the works at Les Ancizes from the Compagnie d’Electrométallurgie d’Auvergne.

Before the start of the Second World War, Aubert & Duval had developed the nitriding process used for surface treatment of engine cylinders in fighter aircraft used by the Air Force.


1957  Ahead of its European competitors, Aubert & Duval installed the first vacuum melting furnace for superalloys and in 1961, the first vacuum-arc remelting furnace was commissioned.

Metal supply

1967  In January the first batch of alloy was melted for SNECMA to forge the first turbine discs for the engine built for Concorde.


1975  In the seventies, Interforge (65,000 tonnes closed-die forging press) was opened and the eighties saw the first R&D facilities and the development of steels for the A320 Airbus.


1995  In 1995, in agreement with Usinor, Aubert & Duval took over the businesses based in Firminy, Imphy, Issoire and Pamiers.


Metal suppliers

1999  Aubert & Duval became a member of the Eramet Group.


2007  A&D inaugurated the Airforge works, a fully automated plant with a 40,000 tonne closed-die forging press as its centrepiece.


Stainless steel manufacturer

2009  Aubert & Duval and UKTMP announce the creation of UKAD, a new titanium ingot processing unit located near the Les Ancizes industrial site.

Titanium forging unit

2011  UKAD unit has been inaugurated in Saint-Georges de Mons. The creation of UKAD will enable the UKTMP, UKAD and AUBERT & DUVAL group of companies to develop an integrated titanium sector and create a strong position among global market leaders.


 For future developments, watch this space...